I offer my commission-based betting package. Every premium bet that is released is going to be placed at least one day before the event. This way a subscriber will always have time to access them.

The Per Pick Commission Plan. It is strictly commission based. There are no up front costs to you. You are able to get my picks on a per pick basis. Anytime I have a pick in mind, you have the availability to utilize it. I get paid 25% of every bet that you win when you get the pick from me. If you get my pick, I automatically am owed a 25% commission on your earnings for any one of my specific picks. If the pick loses, you don't owe me anything. There is no risk for you. To get your pick on this plan there is a $1,500 minimum bet per pick. Repeat customers can negotiate the commission percentage. Email me at to take advantage of this option!

I usually place straight bets that are available in all major sports books. Rarely will I have proposition bets but they will be available. Everything is for pre-game bets. There will be no live-chasing losses or extra bets added during any event.

There are no plans available.

PER PICK COMMISSION: Good for any pick that you want, no up front fee, you pay a 25% commission on winning picks. $1,500 minimum bet. Repeat customers can negotiate commission percentage.