These are my betting packages. Every premium bet that is released is going to be placed at least one day before the event, even if there are indications that there will be a better line on the picks. This way a subscriber will always have time to access them.
All packages are non-refundable except the Emerald Package. If you do not profit from your investment on the Emerald Package, you will get a full refund. However, the full refund on the Emerald Package only applies if you bet exactly as suggested by unit size. For example, if I suggest that you bet five units and you bet more then five units, the refund is null and void and does not apply. 
I usually place straight bets that are available in all major sports books. Rarely will I have proposition bets but they will be available. Everything is for pre-game bets. There will be no live-chasing losses or extra bets added during any event.
Breakdown of Packages
SILVER: Good for one betting event.
GOLD: Good for three betting events.
PLATINUM: Good for six months regardless of how many betting events.
EMERALD: Good for one year regardless of how many betting events.

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