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Bankroll Management:

Bankroll Management is the most important aspect in sports betting. Even if you are good in all other areas, If you do not use proper bankroll management, you won’t succeed in winning long term.


I personally use a system where I bet 1 to 8 units – meaning 1% to 8% of my bankroll. 1% for my least confident, and 8% for the bets that I’m pretty much certain of the outcome. If I have an 8 unit bet, I’ll most likely not have any other play for the event. I usually bet 5 units a pick, and thats when I’m very confident. If I have multiple bets, I won’t bet more than 3 units.


So let’s say I have five bets for the event, 3 units each. Even if the worst happens, I’ll still have 85% of my bankroll. This has never happened up to date, but I’m always prepared for the worst.


Not every event will be a profitable one, and that is a given, which is why Bankroll Management is so important.

Chasing Losses:

Chasing losses can be very tempting at times, but is almost always a bad idea, and can turn a bad situation into a worse one. I’ve seen bettors empty their accounts in no time by chasing their losses. Being patient, and disciplined is the only way to come back from a losing event. 

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